About Me

Born 1952 in Munich in Germany, in my early childhood it was familiar to play in craters left by bombs. Repeatedly I saw my parents listening aghast to the news, which reported that once again a child playing outdoors had been heavily injured or even killed by bomb hidden underground, which only now years later had detonated.

This, and the death of my father before I turned 6 years old have had a strong impact on my life.

I had to discover more about life! I decided, after my studies and some years of professional life in the field of adult education in Germany, that I did not need further studies or a career at a German university.  I had to follow the call of the “University of Life”, never mind what others might think and say about me, or even how much they might smile behind my back.

Monika Müller

In early 1979 I became aware of my healing capacities when, in the University Hospital in Munich, there was no treatment known to cure me from an unknown mortal sickness that had almost completely deteriorated my large intestine. In giving full attention to the perception of my physical feelings and my psychological emotions, and following my intuition, I was able to heal myself.

Now I was able to start confidently on my long way back to my Self, because it seemed I had nothing to lose!

I lived in Greece, for a while with Native Americans in the West of the USA and in Southern Mexico, where I stayed for seven years in the region of the Maya indigenous people partially even living with them. I travelled extensively in Central and South America as well as Asia.

In my initial healings I used techniques of Native American and Philippine Shamanism. In the fall of 1984 I started my healing practice in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, focusing on Bio-Cosmo-Energy. Shamanism and the cosmology of the Maya, which is compatible with Tantra and what had brought me to Tantra, form the basis of this healing method.  I experienced both in daily life in my surroundings for all those years. During this period I spent almost a year in solitude in the jungle, a time of deepening the cosmological experience.

From 1990 on I traveled throughout the world practicing as a healer and teaching Shamanism, Tantra, Yoga, and the healing technique “Bio-Cosmo-Energy”, the practice of which also aids clients in the discovery of former life-times.

In the year 2000 I migrated to Canada where, for over nearly 15 years, I had my residency mostly in Montréal. At the beginning of 2015, I moved my home base to my native country where I work as a healer and teacher yearly from spring to fall. My plans are to come every year for the month of September to Canada (Montréal and Toronto).


September 2019:
Canada, mainly Montreal,
several days in Toronto

March to Aug. and
Oct., 2019:
Germany, in Munich

End Nov. 18 to end
of Feb. 2019:
Mexico, in Tepoztlan / Morelos