Bio-Cosmo-Energy Treatment

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…that the Bio-Cosmo-Energy treatments evolve frequently into a very deep meditation, a conscious experience of the unification of spirit, free mind and body.


Expand Your Energy through Healing Touch in a Bio-Cosmo-Energy Treatment

The treatment of Bio-Cosmo-Energy© focuses on our unity of spirit (cosmic energy) and body (material earth energy).

Our bodies are animated by the universal energy coursing within. Our psyche interrelates between spirit and body. A split, or dichotomy, between spirit and body shows itself as a disbalance, disease or a sickness in our bodies. These dysfunctions are frequently not even recognized for what they are, since a lifetime of societal conditioning has trained us to ignore, or worse mistrust, our real feelings.

In a healthy body the energy is fluid and light, vibrating in a harmonious frequency.

Stimulating the Energy of Our Essence

Bio-Cosmo-Energy treatment stimulates a source we may not even be aware of : the energy of our essence. Through guided energy work this potential is brought up from the depths through several layers until we can start to “know” what our soul is really trying to tell us.

The knowledge of chakrasnadispolarity, basics of the cranio-sacral system and nerve channels through the body are all taken into consideration while guiding this “essence-energy” so that it can, in turn, free up energy-blockages which have occurred.

Liberating the Kundalini Channel

The focal points are the three main energy channels: sumsumna, ida and pingala, which are part of the Kundalini channel located in and along the spine. Bio-Cosmo-Energy treatments may also assist in liberating this “nerve of awareness”. Symbolized by a coiled serpent in the sacral plexus (region of 1st and 2nd chakra), this latent energy is encouraged to rise upwards. Used consciously, this cosmic life-force can allow us to “go less troubled” through this era of rapid transformation. We may even start to appreciate it!

Healing on Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Level

Since physical energy-blockages are often the result of unconscious emotions trapped within the body, the receiver decides whether to go consciously into a profound self-reflection or to just allow the physical to release of these emotions. Naturally, deeper reflection results in a freer flow of energy throughout the body thus encouraging long term physical and emotional health.

Experience has shown that these Bio-Cosmo-Energy treatments frequently evolve into a very deep meditation, a conscious experience of the unification of spirit, free mind and body.

For a number of people this treatment serves also as a regression into former life-times.

This Bio-Cosmo-Energy Massage creates positive physical healing results. Even the medical field has consulted this method for healing.

A treatment of this holistic healing massage takes 2 hours.


September 2019: Canada, mainly Montreal, 6 days in Toronto

March to mid Aug. and Oktober 2019: Germany, in Munich and 3 times for over one week in Erlangen

Nov. 2019 to end Feb. 2020: Mexico, in Tepoztlán/ Morelos and 2 times for over one week in Puebla, Puebla


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Treatment of the body’s back side

Treatment of the body’s front side

Treatment of the body’s front side with the head

Treatment for body’s back side with broken atlas in the neck

This woman comes in Mexico for Bio-Cosmo-Energy Treatments to give relief to her neck. She speaks about the relation of Bio-Cosmo-Energy treatments and Tantra.