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Monika Mueller

Welcome to Be Your Self!

When image, rank and status in society seem to have first priority, the search for the true Self becomes especially important.

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Like Tantra this text is designed to enhance and support spiritual growth – in unity within a healing body.

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Calendar of Events

During the cours of a year I offer workshops, trainings, conferences and the treatments Bio-Cosmo-Energy in different countries.

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Treatments, Training & Courses on Self-Healing


The energy healing I do enhances the original potential of energy of the client for the sake of health and assists in liberating the “nerve of awareness” (= Kundalini).

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I teach the Bio-Cosmo-Energy Treatment in three levels of training courses: Basic technique, Intermediate, Advanced (with a Certificate each).

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Energy moves us; however, our education and our way of life keep us most of the time in an unconscious use of it. These courses enhance the sensitization for its perception and its use – for the sake of our health. 

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Tantra & Consciousness


Tantra & Consciousness
Courses Level 1-2-3


It’s love what can heal us and our planet, not “making love”, a technical term for a sexual activity. Love comes from the heart and has millions of ways to get expressed – and knowing how to perceive the flow of energy in the own body makes it possible to intertwine it with the energy of the lover.

The unification in oneself is the base for the experience of unity with another one. Otherwise a relationship is prone to be based on dependency (where we usually play out the old psychodrama of our childhood).

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Shamanism & Self-Healing


Shamanism & Self-Healing
Courses Level 1-2-3


Shamanism is the ancient form of healing practiced in many different cultures. The origin of a sickness or other physical imbalance is - according to Shamanism - in the separation of body and spirit. Therefore shamanic practices of all cultures emphasize the unification of body and spirit, connected with the original forces of the earth and of the universe.

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...that the Bio-Cosmo-Energy treatments evolve frequently into a very deep meditation, a conscious experience of the unification of spirit, free mind and body.