Bio-Cosmo-Energy Massage Training

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The training is structured in short, very intense courses. All training courses are only in very small groups of max. 6 persons.


Learning the Bio-Cosmo-Energy© Healing Treatment

The training to learn this relaxing and also profound massage, which facilitates the body’s self-healing, is structured in short, very intense courses. That way it is also accessible for people who have to go to work and/or have a family. Also the costs to learn this massage therapy – even up to a professional level – are through this system kept as low as possible.

Therefore all 3 of the subsequent courses are only over 12 sessions of 3 hours each ; the last 2 sessions of Level 1 are of 4 hours length.

These 12 sessions are during 5 subsequent days.

All these training courses are only in very small groups of max. 6 persons, since my concern is that the students learn the use of this Bio-Cosmo-Energy massage as precise as possible. This requires real interest and intense concentration from the students. The most ideal way of learning this massage therapy is in a group of only 2 people, since its completely personalized teaching from one-to-one allows me to correct even minor errors in the application of the technique as well as the actual energetic touch.

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certificate is given after successful completion of the each course. The student can decide freely whether he/she wants to further in a subsequent course.

A period of practicing time of min. 6 months is necessary to further with the next level. At the end of this period of practice, at the beginning of the new course an evaluation of her/his capacities is given. If a student wishes an evaluation at another time, this 2 hour session involves extra costs as high as one treatment.

Training Courses in Montreal

Level 1, Basic Training:
When interested people are connecting with me, a group gets formed for the next period of time I am in Montreal (planned for September 2019).

Level 2 (Intermediate) and Level 3 (Advanced): dates get set according to agreement.

Location of actual teaching: 

Costs for each course:

  • course of 6 persons $600

  • course of 4 persons $800

  • course of 2 persons, teaching one by one $1250

Payable in 2 equal rates:
1st rate at inscription, 2nd rate 2 weeks before the course.

For more information and inscription:
Send an e-mail to: or

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In Germany, in Austria, and in Mexico.

For training courses at those (or possible) other places contact me through an e-mail or give me a call.


In Montreal:

is not planned for now.


The Level 2 Trainings Course can happen in September 2019.

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Inscription to the Training

To learn the Massage Bio-Cosmo-Energy has nothing to do with a simple change of career. To practice a therapeutic massage requires a certain call for it and asks for universal love. The first step to get a basic idea about the Massage Bio-Cosmo-Energy is taken best in receiving it. If you have questions about it, I will gladly answer them. I will, however, not be able to be involved in your personal decision process whether or not you should learn this massage.

When Ready to Make an Inscription

  • Send a mail to or

  • Choose according to the information the size of the group:

    whether you want to learn in the most profound way of a group of only 2 people, what gives you the teaching completely personalized or

    whether you want to learn in a group of 4 or 6 participants. To form such a group may take some time. 

  • Fill in the inscription sheet below and hit the send button.


The inscription is done, when the group has formed. At that moment you have to send me or to hand me the filled in inscription form (see below) along with the first payment.


Payable in 2 equal rates : The 1st payment is at the moment of the inscription, the 2nd payment is at the beginning of the course.

Payments are received

  • by Paypal (

  • by direct deposit or through Interac into my bank account (Caisse Desjardins Portugaise, 4244 boul. St-Laurent, Mtl., name of account Monika Mueller, number of account 019930-7, transit number 92166, institution number 815)

As soon as I receive your Paypal payment I will send you a receipt by e-mail. 

In case of cancellation the paid rate is only refundable to 50%, if the cancellation happens 6 weeks or more before the start of the course.


Please, come to the formation in comfortable clothes; most appropriate for energy healing are fabrics of natural fibers like cotton, linen, hemp, silk and wool.

For the first session of the Basic Training, please bring a yoga-matt or something similar.

Inscription to the Training

Please, fill in this form and hit “send”.

Level of Training Course *
This Formation Course is in a group of *
First and Last Name(s) - as wished in Certificate *
First and Last Name(s) - as wished in Certificate
Phone *
I am aware about the costs of the course, dependant on the number of participants *
6 people: 600 $/person - 4 people: 800 $/person - 2 people: 1200 $/person
Payment *
I am aware about the payments in 2 rates and the cancellation policy *
1st rate at inscription, 2nd rate at the start of the formation. In case of cancellation, the paid 1st rate is only refundable, when the cancellation happens 6 weeks before the start of the course.

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Basic Training

10 Sessions of 3 hours each + 2 last sessions of 4 hours.


  • Sensibilisation of hands

  • Awareness of energy, its flow and guidance in the human body

  • Stimulation of energy-flow from own abdomen into hands

  • Conscious perception of the energy-field of the hands and in between them (principle of polarity)

  • Conscious perception of the energy-field around the own body and around the body of others (touch of aura)

  • Forming consciously an energy-field in the group to enhance deeper awareness about energy in the human world


Step-by-step-training of the massage:

  • Session 2-5 : The posterior part of the body

  • Session 6-9 : The anterior part of the body and head/face

  • Session 10 : Repetition of most difficult parts

  • Session 11+12 : Every student does a whole body massage with correction (each session is 4 hours)


  • Getting in touch with the heart of client by use of main blood-vessels and energy channels along the spine (for reasons of deeper confidence of the client to be able to let go)

  • Getting in touch with center-energy of client to be able to use it in the following process to unblock energy-barriers in the body by use of nerve-lines, meridians and nadis (= energy-channels)

  • Work on the entire yin side of the back (usually left side, at left-handed people right side) including neck, shoulder, arm and hand and at a later state the leg

  • Opening of the exits of energy at the finger-tips

  • Freeing the heel of energy blockages to be able to use it as an exit of that energy, the body is ready to let go off

  • Learning to connect the touch on the body and the work in the aura without any interruption


  • Third, fourth and fifth steps of Session 2 on the yang-side of the posterior body (usually right side, at left-handed people left side)

  • Training to treat the single vertebras of spinal column individually, includes enhancement of client’s consciousness about the own spine from the coccyx as the 1st chakra up to the base of the cranium, which can be used also to stimulate the opening of the Kundalini in the sense of East Indian practice (Tantra)


  • Integration of spine as the main energy-channel in the human body

  • Minor corrections of spine (i.e. in case of scoliosis)

  • Freeing the back of energy-blocks through the nadis in the arms and over the 7th chakra on the head

  • Balancing the energy in the back (yin/yang)

  • Checking flow of energy in kidneys and lungs

  • Start to unblock hips and pelvic region


  • Further to unblock hips and pelvic region on body’s back side

  • Stimulate the energy flow in legs and feet to loosen up muscle tension and enhance the blood-circulation

  • Unblock energy-blocks in hips, legs and feet (considering specially the numerous energy blocks caused by repressed sexuality)

  • Specific energy work on the knees to unblock and strengthen them

  • Involving to the necessary degree the knowledge and the use of Reflexology

  • Involving a specific point of energy of the system of Qi gong which connects the energy in all body parts

  • Integration of the body’s posterior side with a final check of the fluidity of energy in the body, also to enhance in the client the feeling (“inner – knowing”) of wholeness


  • Concentration on centre-energy on body’s anterior side (Centre-Chakra, consisting of cosmic centre and earth-centre/Hara), connecting the Heart-Chakra with it

  • Freeing the upper part of body’s front side from energy-blocks under consideration of 3rd, 4th and 5th chakra

  • Support of the lungs to enhance their capacity for deep breathing

  • Loosening up muscle tension under and around the shoulder-blades and on shoulders

  • Check of the intestines and its energy-flow

  • Check of female breasts and guiding off minor knots (= energy-blockages) in them


  • Training to free neck from energy-blocks, includes also to free the throat (5th chakra)

  • Release of energy through treatment of head and face (in particular around the eyes and the cheeks), relaxing facial muscles tension

  • Special consideration of the base of the cranio for letting go off energy from blockages

  • Consideration of pituitary and pineal for the freeing of the third eye (6th chakra)

  • Consideration of the pineal for the opening of the 7th chakra, using it as exit of that energy the body is ready to let go off

  • Perceiving the vibration of the brain’s activity, (if necessary calming it)


  • Unblock the hips, the pelvic region, the legs and the feet at the front side of the body

  • Special consideration of the intimate (and psychologically often deeply hurt) region around the 2nd chakra (if time allows or the state of health of the client makes it necessary : check of bladder)

  • Loosening up energy-blockages on the knees and in the ligaments around them

  • Check of toes and opening them to be able to serve as exits of energy

  • Integration of the body’s anterior side with final check of the fluidity of energy. This serves as a final integration of the client what should give him/her support in feeling the individual wholeness and unity as a part of the greater unity (a microcosm in the macrocosm)


Repetition of training to massage those body parts which seem for the students to be the most difficult parts to treat (usually neck, face and head)


Every student gives and receives a full body massage (these sessions last over 4 hours each, since corrections are included).


The Three Levels

There are 3 levels for the complete training of the massage Bio-Cosmo-Energy:



It starts with a first long session to become sensitive to the energy in the hands and to learn to feel the energy and the energy-field (aura) around the human body. In the 9 following sessions is learned the basic technique of the massage Bio-Cosmo-Energy (see BASIC TRAINING). In the last 2 sessions each participant of the course gives and receives one complete massage for over 4 hours to give enough time for corrections.

This course enables to practice the massage Bio-Cosmo-Energy mainly for freeing the client from stress related dis-balance in the body and for relaxation in general.


To be able to attend the Course of the Second Level, frequent practice for over 6 months should follow.



The students get introduced to the 7 different “layers” of the human existence, which are addressed during the massage Bio-Cosmo-Energy (protection, physical body, respiration, cognition, emotion, chakra system and the innermost energy-center connecting the client directly with universal energy). The first 2 sessions are used for a refinement and correction of the basic technique and for some energy work on our own bodies. The remaining 10 sessions serve for applying the massage on invited persons who wish such massage and/or suffer from a health problem. Each case of health problem gets discussed to find the best way of applying the massage Bio-Cosmo-Energy. Some first knowledge about the use of energy from the background of worldwide shamanism will flow into it, too.

To be enabled to attend the Course of the Third Level, frequent practice for over 6 months should follow.



The first 2 sessions are used for further refinement of the application of the technique, similar to the structure of the previous course. New discoveries within this massage technique will be discussed and practiced on invited persons, who feel in need of such a massage and/or are sick and wish some relief. More profound knowledge and methods of the liberation of energy-blockages and from the background of worldwide shamanism will be applied, even coming to stages where i.e. methods of desmaterialization (healing system of the Philippines) can come into play.